Shareholding Changes

1999 (Professional Fees inclusive of GST)*

Service Fees Includes for

Accurate filling & filing of ROC Form

Quick and Fast Processing

Proper Information check by Qualified Professional

Best & Quick future support

Best Fees in our all in one compliance filing package

On time compliance information

Can cover Addition, Deletion, Share Transfer & Share Re-shuffle etc.


  • 1
    Passing of necessary resolution

    Preparation & Passing of required resolution

  • 2
    Preparation of Transfer Deed

    to take effect the transfer

  • 3
    Passing Board resolution & Transfer of shares

  • 4
    Issue New Share Certificate (in case of split)

Documents required to register a Shareholding Changes

For Organization/Buisness/Entity/Compliance

Existing shareholding statement and documents

List of Existing shareholders

Signed Transfer Deed (prepared by us)

DSC of Director authorised to sign

Final Deliverables

Final share transfer deed

New share Certificates

Explore Frequently Asked Questions - Shareholding Changes

Q. What is form SH-1?

Ans. SH -1 is the format of Share certificate which need to be issued by a company having share capital upto allotment of shares. Need to be issued withing 60 days of allotment.

Q. What is form SH-4?

Ans. SH-4 is to be used for transfer of shares and need to be delivered to company within 60 days of shares execution.

Q. Is private company require to file any forms to ROC - Intimating transfer of forms?

ANS. There are no forms to be filed with ROC/MCA. However, the transfers will have to be shown in the next regular Annual Return (MGT 7) filed.

Q. Time limit for issue of Certificate at time of allotment of Debenture?

Ans. Within a period of six months from the date of allotment of debenture:

Q. What are the Statutory provisions related to transfer of share one should refer the following sources?

Ans. Section 56 of the Companies Act, 2013; Rule 11 of Companies (Share Capital & Debentures) Rules 2014; and Provisions given in model articles of association given in Table ‘F’ of Schedule-I.

Q. When Renewed and duplicate share certificates will be issued?

Ans. If original Share certificate is proved to have been lost or destroyed; OR has been defaced, mutilated or torn or old, decrepit, worn out, OR where shares are sub-divided or consolidated, OR where there is no space on the reverse of Share Certificate for recording the transfers.

Q Time limit for issue of certificate on transfer?

Ans. Within One month the certificates of all shares will be transferred after the application for the registration of the transfer of any such shares received.

Q. How much time does whole process will take?

Ans. Share transafer/changes process can take around 7-15 working days.

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