Conversion of Private Company in LLP

14999 (All Inclusive, may vary as per consultation)*

Service Fees Includes for

Accurate filling & filing of ROC Form

Quick and Fast Processing

Proper Information check by Qualified Professional

Best & Quick future support

Best Fees in our all in one compliance filing package

On time compliance information


  • 1
    Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN) if applicable

    DIN for new LLP Partners

  • 2
    Held meeting of Board of Directors of Company

    To process conversion

  • 3
    Application for Name Availability

    Filing of RUN form on MCA

  • 4
    Filing of Incorporation Form with Required Documents

    LLP Incorporation

  • 5
    Filing of Application for Conversion into LLP

    Conversion application with ROC

  • 6
    Drafting of Limited Liability Partnership Agreement

    Get signed the LLP Agreement

  • 7
    Filing of E-Form-3 & E-Form -14 (Intimation to ROC)

    Final Form filing

Documents required to register a Conversion of Private Company in LLP

For Owner/Individual/Director/Partner

Identity and Resident proofs of designated partners and partners

For Organization/Buisness/Entity/Compliance

Address proof of the registered office of LLP

The subscription sheets & Consent to act as partners (Prepared by us)

Detail of LLP and/ or company in which partner is a director/ partner (Prepared by us)

LLP Agreement (Prepared by us)

Final Deliverables

MCA Master Data reflecting date of compliance

LLP Agreement

LLP Incorporation Certificate

Explore Frequently Asked Questions - Conversion of Private Company in LLP

Q. What is the effects of Conversion?

Ans. The conversion will not affect existing liabilities, obligations, agreements, contracts and continued employment.

Q. What is the advantages of Conversion?

Ans. There will not be any stamp duty implications on transfer. There is no limit to the number of partners, which is not so in case of private limited companies. There is no compulsion on holding a minimum number of meetings and maintaining statutory records.

Q. What is the Requirements of Conversion?

Ans. To avail the benefit of lower compliance requirement associated with a LLP and cost reduction.

Q. What happen to the private Company after Conversion?

Ans. The private limited company is deemed to be dissolved. All the properties, assets, liabilities, interests, rights and privileges of the Private Limited Company is considered to be transferred to the LLP.

Q. How LLP is more advantageous and to whom?

Ans. The LLP is more advantageous form of organization over a company from Compliances, tax and operational flexibility standpoint. Therefore, LLP may be more suitable for small entrepreneur and professionals particularly. The conversion from the existing corporate structure can be made to a LLP while retaining the advantages of Limited Liability and less compliances.

Q. What is the Prerequisites for conversion of Private Limited Company into LLP?

Ans. No-Pending of E-forms filed by Company. 2. No Charges should subsist at MCA site 3. One financial year must over 4. Update filing of all forms and returns 5. Update - income tax filings.

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